So i started my new job today. Yeah.

But before i made it to that, i had to take Danny to the doctors to get his wisdom teeth out, what a wonderful hour and a half wait that was. Hes going to hate me so much but i took a picture of him and you all get to laugh at said picture.

My face, its numbbbbbb

Yeah, he was a wonderful kid to babysit this afternoon, haha.

So anyway, started my job today, salesman for Trugreen. All the way out in Moon township. Well i cant really say all the way out there, 15 minute drive on a good day. Decent drive anyway. Nothing but training today, probably wont be out going door to door till Wednesday at the earliest. But its gonna be interesting, nice to get out doors at least. I got a little too dressed up today as i found out, but hey its better to dress up to much than be under dressed. So here, this is what i wore today:


Ill have a shirt to wear as a uniform, then khaki dress pants to go with it, i dont have any though, gotta get some in the morning. But yeah, never gonna have to wear a tie, ah well.