Yayyyy I have a bed to sleep in finally!
Yeah, after sleeping on dannys couch for 3 weeks I’m gonna sleep good tonight. That’s what even better about this place is that it’s furnished. Twin sized bed, dresser, tv, desk, and a bed side table. All for $350 a month! Hell yeah. Utilities included.
I dont to have to sleep on a couch so maybe I’ll sleep better tonight, haven’t been sleeping great the past week. No idea why.
So yeah otherwise I had an interesting day at work, nothiglike walking up and down hills in 89 degree heat with high humidity. Us one of my coworkers got bit by a dog today so me and Devin, my door to door partner, had to go see him since he was by himself. Had to talk to the owner and get the vet info on the dog, make sure it’s shots were all up to date and what not. Fun time.
So again, no picture. I’m a slacker, I know.