Lots of pictures today, haha.


So first we have a dump truck. Whats so special about a dump truck? I was stuck for 15 minutes waiting for this truck to move so i could continue down the road. I had to work today and me and Devon were sent out to Homestead to check out a fairly new neighborhood (as you can tell) and there’s only one road going into this area and with these guys working, we had no where to go.


After we finally got on our way we stopped and started at the bottom of the street we had already started. What do i find at the second house u? A freakin raccoon, haha. I talked to one of the neighbors and it turns out this little guy had been ripping up the neighborhood for a while and this guy finally took it upon himself to trap it. Thats one of the things i like about this job, you never know what youll come across.

Lost doggy

Then around 2:30 when we were getting ready to head back to the office while walking towards the car i see this little guy running around with a lease trailing behind him. He had a tag on his coller so we gave the number a call and got him home. For whatever reason he was absolutely terrified of Devon, haha.



Then finally while on our way back we find this situation, intersection blocked off and the police very slowly letting people through. No idea what was even going on, the only thing i saw was this kid holding a purse in front of a pickup truck that was on the right side of the road facing traffic. You can kinda see him in the second picture but my timing was a little off.

So all in all it was an interesting day. Tomorrow should be even better since it’ll be my birthday.

Oh yeah and im moved into my new apartment, just still working on getting organized.