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Polish 7tp’s

Still working at the first artillery car…but in the meantime i painted up 3 7tp’s for my Polish army.

Same painting process as seen with the train engine. I think they came out alright.










It took me longer than i expected but i got it painted up and finished. I think it came out quite well, it has the appearance of a train that the Poles maybe salvaged together to throw into the fight. basically i followed the Polish train painting guide found on the flames of war web site, making small alterations as i went to account for the different model and the fact that mine is made of plastic while theirs is resin.

I started off with a base coat of soviet armor primer:








After that was dry i washed the entire engine with black wash and then dry brushed with reflective green (890) while avoiding the recesses:





With that completed i went to work on the camo pattern. I painted the base for the yellow using green brown (879) and for the brown i used a 50/50 of black and flat earth (983). All of the basing was dry brushed on to avoid the recesses where it is darkest.  This resulted in it looking like this:









After the basing is done the actual camo color goes on. Dark sand (847) and flat earth (983) which was once again dry brushed on to create a some what worn and dirty look. After that was done i also went ahead a applied a thin layer of pumice over the wood stack at the back of the cab and painted it german grey (70995) and dry brushed on some light grey to give the appearance of coal. Plus i painted the center of each side of the cab with some red and added the Polish eagle emblem in white. Im very happy with the outcome.

















Now its on to finish the first artillery car.

Ive been wanting to start up an early war list for a little while now, but i couldn’t decide what i wanted to do. If i was going to put a list together i wanted to get only specifically what i was going to run, and thats it. I wanted to make a Polish list and i liked the idea of the armored train and with lower AT ratings in early war, the train seems effective enough.  After much debate and staring at some HO model trains that i have, i made up my mind, he only problem is that there is no way im shelling out $150 for the train model that battlefront has.

I had googled around to see images of any polish trains that other people had scratch built and they were all pretty terrible.  I saw one where it looked like the guys had taken a box car and attached KV turrets to the top of it and then spray painted it. Theres no way im doing that, if im going to scratch build something it had better look damn good. I have several flat cars so while im not going to be making so much an “armored” train, it will still have the guns that its supposed to have.

So heres what ive got to work with:

Thats the engine im using. Its actually a box cab for hauling lumber during the 70’s or something, but its the best ive got. I have a nice little mantua steam engine and coal car too but mantua has their own coupling system and its to much of a pain to deal with. I cant simply swap them out for normal couplers with a drill to make new holes. I got this engine for free cause it was shattered and as you can see its still missing some bits in the front. A little green stuff and ill patch that up.

These are 2 of my flat cars ill be using:

The top one will be one of my artillery cars, and the bottom one will be my assault car.

The second artillery car is shown here currently being worked on:

As you can see ive already started making sandbags with greenstuff. Since theres really no good way for me to make any kind of armor, im going the next best route. Lots and lots and lots of sandbags. I know that those sandbags are going to be by far the most time consuming part of this project. But it will be worth it. Im starting with some low walls on the ends until i get all my model placements figured out.

Speaking of models:

The only blister ive picked up so far is a pair of Italian 75mm guns. They are the closest thing to the Polish 75mm guns and they have those great gun shields on them. As you can see, the gun carriage was cut down so that it will fit onto the flat car. Im going to model the gun sitting on the cut down carriage while sitting on one of the wheels to create a sort of turntable system for aiming the gun. Ill add some green stuff underneath the gun so that it will have a spot to sit and still allow me to turn the guns and remove them when destroyed. Ill probably do the same thing with the 100mm guns. Those i will probably model with the german GE569 10cm chech guns. The 2 guns will be easily distinguishable.

Well thats all for now, hopefully this weekend ill get that engine finished and start painting it. Once that polish 3 color camo goes on, it will look far better.

So I’ve wanted to start a little painting guide for Flames of War for a long while now, and I finally got around to it. I was going to start a new blog but then remembered I already have one up and why not just keep going off of that one? Yeah its been far to long since i last updated this.

So to start things off right i decided on one of the most feared tanks of WWII, the Tiger II. Up until the end of the war the Americans never had an answer for this beast, the front armour was impenetrable by anything we had. Flames of War is a great game that lets us WWII buffs throw down some of those battles without all the pesky breakdowns that the Germans had to deal with.

As far as painting goes i use a combination of paints by Panzer Aces, Model Color, Golden Acrylics, and Citadel.

So here we have the model in its base coat of German yellow using the FoW primer:

From here I wanted to do a striped ambush camouflage pattern that I combined from a couple different  influences. Using Panzer Aces #301 Light Rust and Model Color #70894 Cam. Olive Green i painted wide stripes diagonally along the tank using a little paper guide that i made from a note card. Once down with that i added the ambush dots using Model Color #70913 Yellow Ochre and Cam. Olive Green.

After getting the main camo pattern on the next thing i do is get the treads done. I start with Golden Acrylics Carbon Black across all the treads and inside the wheels without going over the road wheels. if you get a little on the wheels no biggy, I doubt if they were ever all that clean at any point so when you do your wash it will all blend together. After they are all black i highlight with Panzer Aces #338 Highlight German I (Feldgrau) across the raised part of the treads and along the side and inside edges. Yeah, its probably not the proper highlight color but the more i can muti use my colors the better. I don’t need a collection of all colors just to use once or twice in diminutive amounts.

I do the same with the extra treads on the side of the turret, the only difference being that i actual use Model Color #70862 Black Grey for the tracks just so that its not too dark, it works better for contrast in my opinion.

After letting the tracks dry i finish up the rest of the details. The tools strapped to the tank, the steel cables, the exhaust pipes, the tank commander, darkening the end of the barrel, and of course any cleaning up. A little Burnt Sienna for the handles of tools, silver for the ends, Black Grey for the cables with a dry brushing of silver, and Black Grey for the exhaust pipes. I don’t get to fancy with colors. Keep it simple.

The commander’s uniform is Model Color #70995 German Grey, generally tankers uniforms were black but i like a little detail in my guys without going crazy with highlights, so German Grey is all i use and i think it turns out pretty well. Panzer Aces #341 Flesh Base for skin, more Highlight German I for the headphones, a little yellow for his hair, and some straight Panzer Aces #313 Stencil for the white on the collar and hat.

After everything is to my liking i pull out the good old Citadel black wash. Nothing fancy here, mine is a little watered down but no to any consistent amount. Just coat everything and you get a nice dirty, weathered look. The only thing i don’t wash is the commanders uniform. When it comes to late war German tanks, i doubt if they ever really had the time or the want to keep their tanks all that clean, so i feel its fairly historically accurate.  Here it is all done:

I’m not a professional model painter by any means, just a regular guy trying to do his best. So keep that in mind when you judge my work. I hope this helps somebody out there.