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Working on a saturday

Lots of pictures today, haha.


So first we have a dump truck. Whats so special about a dump truck? I was stuck for 15 minutes waiting for this truck to move so i could continue down the road. I had to work today and me and Devon were sent out to Homestead to check out a fairly new neighborhood (as you can tell) and there’s only one road going into this area and with these guys working, we had no where to go.


After we finally got on our way we stopped and started at the bottom of the street we had already started. What do i find at the second house u? A freakin raccoon, haha. I talked to one of the neighbors and it turns out this little guy had been ripping up the neighborhood for a while and this guy finally took it upon himself to trap it. Thats one of the things i like about this job, you never know what youll come across.

Lost doggy

Then around 2:30 when we were getting ready to head back to the office while walking towards the car i see this little guy running around with a lease trailing behind him. He had a tag on his coller so we gave the number a call and got him home. For whatever reason he was absolutely terrified of Devon, haha.



Then finally while on our way back we find this situation, intersection blocked off and the police very slowly letting people through. No idea what was even going on, the only thing i saw was this kid holding a purse in front of a pickup truck that was on the right side of the road facing traffic. You can kinda see him in the second picture but my timing was a little off.

So all in all it was an interesting day. Tomorrow should be even better since it’ll be my birthday.

Oh yeah and im moved into my new apartment, just still working on getting organized.


Yayyyy I have a bed to sleep in finally!
Yeah, after sleeping on dannys couch for 3 weeks I’m gonna sleep good tonight. That’s what even better about this place is that it’s furnished. Twin sized bed, dresser, tv, desk, and a bed side table. All for $350 a month! Hell yeah. Utilities included.
I dont to have to sleep on a couch so maybe I’ll sleep better tonight, haven’t been sleeping great the past week. No idea why.
So yeah otherwise I had an interesting day at work, nothiglike walking up and down hills in 89 degree heat with high humidity. Us one of my coworkers got bit by a dog today so me and Devin, my door to door partner, had to go see him since he was by himself. Had to talk to the owner and get the vet info on the dog, make sure it’s shots were all up to date and what not. Fun time.
So again, no picture. I’m a slacker, I know.

So much for sunshine

Its just a wet dreary day today, but at least i finally have a phone again. Picked one up yesterday from a used phone kiosk, and its so old it doesnt even have a camera in it, haha. So much for a picture a day, haha, ill pick it up again soon enough.

Got myself a lunch pail today for work, thats about all ive really got today. I did laundry too, so exciting. Boring day. I was going to go to a musical at 2 that i got invited to but i kinda forgot about it and soon as i remembered it was already 4, gah. Had a few leads on apartments yesterday but nothing i was looking for. What a boring weekend.


Broke my phone last night…snapped it right in half. Flip phone of course. It was my first day going door to door to at my job so i was gonna see if i could snap a picture of something while i was out for my picture of the day, obviously not. So yeah, i don’t have much to say besides that. Need to get out to the mall tomorrow and get a new one, blah….

Signs of car repair

Washing off the mess

Didnt get anything done this morning cause i helped out Danny getting the starter in his volvo replaced, what a mess that was. I didnt even get to eat breakfast this morning. We got it done though, took about an hour and a half and i had to get right to work with just getting the wires hooked up still left to do. Then what do i find out when i get home? The starter is bad, hahahahahahahaha….ahhh not funny. So all that work pretty much for nothing. Got all dirty for nothin.

So i started my new job today. Yeah.

But before i made it to that, i had to take Danny to the doctors to get his wisdom teeth out, what a wonderful hour and a half wait that was. Hes going to hate me so much but i took a picture of him and you all get to laugh at said picture.

My face, its numbbbbbb

Yeah, he was a wonderful kid to babysit this afternoon, haha.

So anyway, started my job today, salesman for Trugreen. All the way out in Moon township. Well i cant really say all the way out there, 15 minute drive on a good day. Decent drive anyway. Nothing but training today, probably wont be out going door to door till Wednesday at the earliest. But its gonna be interesting, nice to get out doors at least. I got a little too dressed up today as i found out, but hey its better to dress up to much than be under dressed. So here, this is what i wore today:


Ill have a shirt to wear as a uniform, then khaki dress pants to go with it, i dont have any though, gotta get some in the morning. But yeah, never gonna have to wear a tie, ah well.

Well me and danny basically got kicked out of the house today cause Natalie had a shoot so while they were getting ready we decided to head out and do some stuff. Got some Denny’s then headed out to Robinson Mall. Straight for Sams Club we picked up some stuff for Danny to eat since hes getting his wisdom teeth out tomorrow. Pudding, applesauce, stuff like that. Of course we had to test out the couches, we always do.

Chilling on the couch


Then we headed to Danny’s work and played some ping-pong for an hour, i only won one game and Danny beat me 4 but its fun.

Smiley Pong

Its still early yet…only 2:30, so who knows what else ill do today.

Pastrami on wheat

Yeah, i had a fairly laid back day so i dont have much for a picture of the day, just my half eaten sandwhich. Pastrami on wheat, cant go wrong. Pepperjack cheese, spicy brown mustard, a little mayo, a little lettuce, and some bread and butter pickles.

Otherwise drove out around on the look out for For Rent signs, only found 2 but i was out long. Still up in the air on finding a month to month for a short time, or getting into a 6 or 12 month lease. Some guys i know are going to be getting a place at the end of July and its tempting to get in with them on that or find a studio apartment by myself. I don’t know what i would be more comfortable doing.

And its not a matter of trusting those guys to get the rent and all that, they all have good jobs and their good guys, but their all straight up geeks, i mean Paul owns a comic book store. Its a matter of the fact that i will be living with 3 other guys and we all share a lot of common interests so when i need to buckle down and get some work done am i gonna get too distracted? I dont know. What about having girls over? Will it get awkward? Who knows.

Oh yeah thats what else i did today, played a little D&D with those 3 said guys, i took a picture cause Claire was asking what i was up to. I caught Sean to the left there, Caitlin at a bad moment, and Scott completely sucked into whatever hes doing but yeah, Sean and Scott are two of the guys im looking into a place with.