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Well this is a little past due to be posted but thats because i had some issues with my computer that wouldnt allow me to upload to the web. but i got them figured out and now i can finally get some new work up.

In the past 8 weeks i have photographed 7 weddings, all i can say is “phew”.

On May 15th i had the pleasure of photographing my friend Carli’s wedding up in Buffalo. It was a nice small backyard wedding, nothing special but had a very nice feel to it regardless.

Carli and Matt

The kiss

The first dance


Sipping on the Magic Hat

Alright everybody, this is my first post on here.

I just moved myself back to Pittsburgh since i had been in NY for the past 8 months. Finally got myself moving, packed up and onward i went. I’m staying at my buddy Danny’s house for a short time until i can get myself moved into my own place, and as you can see in the picture i’ve been enjoying myself, being back and all.

Gonna be starting a job on monday, working sales for Trugreen. Nothing amazing but it’ll be a paycheck, and we all know how important those are. Managed to get that job quite fast too, i only just got back to PA on saturday, and had my first interview with them on tuesday. Not to shabby if i say so myself. So while i have that i can start getting weddings booked and and get a few portraits shoots in here and there. Didn’t do a lot of shooting while i was up in NY, severe lack of good models. Another reason im happy to be back in the Burgh.

Anyway, im going to really step up on keeping my camera with me when i can and use wordpress to get a picture a day kind of thing going on. Hopefully something a little more interesting that me bumming around drinking Magic Hat, haha.