It took me longer than i expected but i got it painted up and finished. I think it came out quite well, it has the appearance of a train that the Poles maybe salvaged together to throw into the fight. basically i followed the Polish train painting guide found on the flames of war web site, making small alterations as i went to account for the different model and the fact that mine is made of plastic while theirs is resin.

I started off with a base coat of soviet armor primer:








After that was dry i washed the entire engine with black wash and then dry brushed with reflective green (890) while avoiding the recesses:





With that completed i went to work on the camo pattern. I painted the base for the yellow using green brown (879) and for the brown i used a 50/50 of black and flat earth (983). All of the basing was dry brushed on to avoid the recesses where it is darkest.  This resulted in it looking like this:









After the basing is done the actual camo color goes on. Dark sand (847) and flat earth (983) which was once again dry brushed on to create a some what worn and dirty look. After that was done i also went ahead a applied a thin layer of pumice over the wood stack at the back of the cab and painted it german grey (70995) and dry brushed on some light grey to give the appearance of coal. Plus i painted the center of each side of the cab with some red and added the Polish eagle emblem in white. Im very happy with the outcome.

















Now its on to finish the first artillery car.